• Export goods

    The Company «RUSEXPORT» renders the professional facilities on foreign economic activity for foreign importer of the russian products of the feeding and drink and russian producers these goods. Our employees have a perennial experience of the work on different stage of the realization FEA in forwarding company, in company customs broker,i n the field of the

  • Customs facilities

     world trade, the organizations of the export and t. d. Having rich experience of the rendering the services on outsorsing FEA (foreign economic activity) we shall be aware of that that this sphere to activity, either as many others, it is enough complex, having powerfully expressed specifics and requiring determined level of the knowledges and skill. Price mistake at realization foreign economic

  • Outsorsing FEA

    the deals can be great, as from financial losses and up to attraction to administrative and criminal responsiblity. So we recommend to lead foreign economic activity legal and transparent, extracting economic effect from optimum and transparent scheme of the interaction with supplier-buyer, who ready to create company «RUSEXPORT» together with You.